The Atomic Bomb and Independent Cinema

7—7 may 2011

A not-for-profit accompaniment to our regular exhibition programme, Daniel Blau lectures and film screenings provide a critical and intellectual framework with which to consider themes related to photography.


Though the poetics of the atomic sublime might reassuringly couch its explosive potential in the language of nature, still it was a product of man, of culture.” – Peter B. Hales, The Atomic Sublime


Saturday 7 May 2011, 1-3pm. Presented by A. L. Rees.


A. L. Rees is Research Tutor in the Department of Communication Art and Design, Royal College of Art. A graduate of Philosophy and Politics (BA 1970, Lancaster University), he took an MA in Cultural History at the RCA (1983). He has lectured in art and design colleges since 1971, specialising in film studies and artists’ film and video. He also presents films in art galleries and has curated many screenings and exhibitions. A former chair of the Arts Council Artists’ Film and Video Panel, he is on the management and academic advisory panels of the AHRC Centre for Brit- ish Film and Television Studies. He is also a member of the AHRC Postgraduate Awards Panel for art, design and media. His book A History of Experimental Film and Video was published by the British Film Institute in 1999 and is now in its third reprinting. Widely cited and used by film courses in Europe and the USA, the book describes the international film avant-garde from the 1920s to present day UK film artists.