November 14, 2007 — November 18, 2007

Galerie Daniel Blau is proud to announce the exhibition “Autochromes — The Rise of Colour Photography” at Galerie Meyer, Rue des Beaux Arts, Paris.

100 years have now passed since the first commercially applicable method of colour photography was introduced. The method of colouring potato starch and making it light sensitive was publicized by the Lumière brothers in 1907 under the name “Autochrome”. Fixed on a glass-plate, this process resulted in the first coloured photographs one century ago. The variable grain in Autochromes is still of central importance to today’s photography — digital photography, colour printing and silk screens are based on it.

Even in their early stages, Autochromes were compared to the paintings of the pointilists and one can not help but be reminded of works of impressionism when taking in the strength of the colours and the painting-like depth of these impressions on glass.

This important collection, assembled over many years from dealers and fellow collectors worldwide, is now on view to the public for the first time. Using especially designed presentation frames, Daniel Blau will be exhibiting his significant collection of Autochromes, dating from 1895 to 1920, in the exhibition rooms of Galerie Meyer. Among other photographers, the images of such famous artists as Lumière, Gimpel and Knott will be shown. Atmospheric scenes of Parisian alleys hang by lively squares; large parks by lonely ruins; rugged cliffs can be viewed alongside calm ocean bays, while the intimate effect of the intense colours draws the viewer in.